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Facebook issues that we work with:
from 1 to 30 days
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Blocked Facebook account
from 1h to 30 days
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Blocked ADS account
from 20m to 7 days
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Facebook to Instagram linking error
from 1h to 30 days
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Facebook account theft
from 30m to 30 days
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Confirmation code not received
from 1h to 30 days
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Blocked manager
from 20m to 30 days
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Account verification error
from 20m to 14 days
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Forgot your password
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Our Cases
Returning an account blocked 4 years ago
Our client's account was blocked in 2015. However, he only appealed to us in the middle of 2019. In a few days we succeeded in restoring his profile.
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Hater attacks repelled
Haters bother celebrities and bloggers and sometimes manage to lock out of accounts. That happened to one of our clients. Haters began to complain en masse of her account and got her profile locked out four times. And each time we successfully restored it within two hours.
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Instagram also makes mistakes
It really does. We filed a request to restore our client's account, and a week later the answer came - the account was restored. However, the profile never appeared. It turned out that the support staff had incorrectly fixed the user name. So a completely different account with the same name was restored.
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Cheapest is the dearest
Unlocking a copyright infringing account is a difficult and long-term job, not everyone can cope with it. For example, our client has been waiting for 11 month till his account was restored. During that time he twice refused our services and applied to another contractors. First of them gave 100% guarantee of restoration in a short time at a low cost, the second one promised that the problem would be solved by a "friend's brother working at Facebook". However, after the "specialists" received a payment for the services, they just disappeared. As a result, the client returned to us, and we successfully restored his account.
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We are successful even in difficult cases
Scammers realized that new accounts are not suitable for spam mailings - Instagram quickly backtraces and blocks them. Therefore, they steal accounts to use them for mailing spam or phishing links to their victims. However, even here Instagram has gained some skill - for such actions they block both ordinary users and famous people, even verified ones (with a blue checkmark). In such cases, we do double work - first we restore the account, and then we take it out of the hands of the intruders.
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Even the media are subject to lock-outs
All Instagram accounts are equal. Ordinary users, bloggers, celebrities, and even the media are all subject to blocking. Thus, the account of a TV news channel was accused of impersonating another person and locked out. The channel employees tried to restore the account on their own for several weeks, but it did not work. We managed to solve this problem within 24 hours.
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A copyright-violating account restored three times
In 2 months, a client's account was blocked 3 times. Reason: Copyright infringement. The first recovery was fast enough - a few days. The second one took a little over a week. The third one lasted 2 weeks.
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Facebook questions
Do you need access to client account to solve the problem with advertising on Facebook?

Yes, in order to resolve your situation, we need access to your Facebook account.

Do you hack into Facebook to solve my problem?

No, we work through appeals and support. These actions do not violate Facebook rules.

Do you help to bypass Facebook's algorithms to advertise on prohibited items?

No, our specialists do not provide this kind of services.

Do you provide services for targeted advertising on Facebook?

Our specialists do not deal with these services, but we can recommend trusted partners.